The roadmap is a list of things I want to finish and a list of ideas for the game.

Are you missing something in this list? Let me know in the games Discord. :-)

No Ping-Wopicatch

Respecting people who do not want to play the game or do not want to be mentioned/pinged with their username

To-Do Bot/Game

To-Do Website

To-Do/Ideas items

*Items can rarely drop after successful catches. Also, items can be purchased in the in game store for Wopibucks. Where useable from chat, every item will have its own !wopi command, like !wopiboost or !wopirandom*

To-Do/Ideas Quests

To-Do/Ideas PvP/Fighting/Battles/Duels

Ok, PvP or any kind of battles are things for the far future, but we still can collect Ideas.. :)


Yes, developing this game costs a lot of time, and therefor, money. There will be some fun features which can be unlocked for real world bucks to support development for those who want to develop the project. I do not want to do pay2win features.