Catch your favorite friends in chat!

Whats Wopicatch?

Wopicatch is just a simple game for Twitch chat I wrote after having a brain fart. With !wopicatch (username) you can attempt to catch other active users in chat in channels having the game enabled.

I did not plan to make this game available to the public, but too many people asked me to do so, so here it is... :)

Users are collected in your Wopibox with different types of Wopiballs. Those are in your inventory (Wopibag).

You can check your Wopibox after login and also manage your Wopibag.

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News and Updates

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Wopibucks payouts: Bugfix for viewers, Wopibucks for live streamers

March, 3rd 2024

Bugfix: So, ElBierro and wopiCatch both have their own activity trackers for users in chats. They are basis for different stats, on wopiCatch for tracking who was active in chat for catchability and also for Wopibucks payouts. I did switch it for catch availability, but not for Wopibucks payouts. So basically, no Wopibucks were paid out in Streams having wopiCatch, but not ElBierro :D That one was a needle in a haystack!
This is fixed now. Those few streamers not having ElBierro in stream also now get payouts for their players. :)

Wopibucks being paid out also for streamers now: While I was fixing this problem, I also implemented Wopibucks for Live streamers. This means, from now on, streamers will gain Wopibucks when they are live - even when they are not active in their own chat. The Wopibucks go against the daily 7500 Bucks limit and also can't go over your Wopivault limit (currently 50000 Bucks for everyone), so you can't get more Bucks from streaming.

Bonus purchase items

February, 14th 2024

For each purchase on the website, you now get 1 bonus item per 10 items bought. If you buy 10 Wopiballs, you get 11. If you buy 23, you get 25.
This does not apply to the !wopishop command in chat. Website only.

wopiCatch is now disabled on ElBierro

January, 22nd 2024

Streamers, who did not switch to the new bot in time can just re-enable the game in the streamer section here on the website

Updates from Dev Stream

January, 14th 2024


I realized that you guys love to try-hard getting the best catches and not just the catches themselves. So these changes have been applied during the stream:

- Penalty for already existing catches of the user you already have: 3% => 2% per existing catch
- Wopibucks Vault from 25000 to 50000
- Goldball Price from 10000 to 6500

Also, wopiTV channel subs now can use emotes to catch users. See attached slide for details. Emote catching

WhatsApp News Channel

January, 14th 2024

From now on I'll post any news about wopiCatch on WhatsApp. If you want to follow the news channel, Click here to join the channel.
I will not be able to obtain your mobile phone number if you join the channel.

Snowball Event ended / Buy and sell on the website

January, 8th 2024

Well, that was a fun snowball event. It ended. If you still had snowballs, they stay in your Wopibag and you still can use them. Snowballs will not appear anymore in the !wopiballs command, but you still can see them on the website.
Also, I unlocked buying and selling items on the Website. Click on an item to buy/sell them. Let me know if you encounter issues. I'll monitor the feature.

Live issue fixed

January, 6th 2024

Sometimes the bot does not get a go live from Twitch, which resulted in catches not working in affected streams. I implemented now a check that automatically fixes this if this problem occurs. So hopefully no more fixing live status for me. :D
(this only works in streams that already use the new bot)

Live right now!

These streamers are live right now and have the game enabled

PapaiDiogoGaming, Beliwolfi, TendyyLife, kulamonstergaming, Lalaina10, BroncoMomma, one_l0ve_710, ToxicDevilTTV, Zagarose, GenQuake99, Sir_Richard_Satchel, YodaOn420, hahaitzmeg, Znixy19, REEDY2505, Gamester366, Crosserr, ItsPuplings, tatsuya_inc, M_r_Fluffy, ViniRamosSA, Pokeeo, MisterMarvelous, CaptainPoetato, Alextria, ItsTacAttack, sighduckkkkk, IrishAlice4, highvoltage032, ODINromi, EViL_XRL, kaizaraki, LosCuatroAmigos, maxim2224, Visionz44, Shadowlands, Phynster94, professorbuu, wyrdewyn, malice_dumpling, spookodey, Cryyptos, BronchitisGaming, InaraWulf, BLKROSEVII, TactlessTurtlePlays, LadyLayanna, xcourtx_ttv